Fogline Vineyards Home Vineyard – Sonoma Coast

Our home vineyard was first planted in 2007 with a small field blended block of Pinot Noir consisting of the Mt. Eden clone along with Dijon 115 and Pommard. Over the course of 4 more years we have added 3 more blocks of Pinot Noir planted out to Swan clone Pommard and Dijon 115. We have also planted out a block of Chardonnay to Dijon 76 and Old Wente Clone. In 2014 we cloned over an experimental block to Sauvignon Blanc and anticipate the first wine to be produced in 2015.

At 900 feet of elevation, our vines have taken their time to mature and we had our first small harvest in 2011. This site, in the Petaluma Gap region, is a true fogline site as the fog levels out just below our Chardonnay block leaving our vines to soak up the sun all day to maintain the balance between physiological and phenolic ripeness.

Starscape Vineyard (formerly Floodgate Vineyard) – Russian River Valley

This vineyard produces world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is in the middle reach of the Russian River appellation known for creating fine floral and textural wines. We get 4 clones of Pinot Noir from this vineyard, Pommard, 667, 777 and 115. While this is our only vineyard below the fogline we believe it is a very special site that will create wines of distinction that will be worthy of setting down to age for many years.

Sun Chase Vineyard – Sonoma Coast

A 40 acre vineyard at an elevation of between 900 and 1200 feet on the western slope of Sonoma Mountain, this vineyard produces very focused Chardonnay and Pinot Noir fruit. We get about 4.5 tons of meticulously farmed Pinot Noir in the form of 2 french clones, Dijon 667 and 777. It is similar in aspect and elevation to our home vineyard and is only about a mile away to the south on the mountainside. Located in the Petaluma Gap region of the Sonoma Coast, this vineyard is one to watch as the excitement for wines from this area grows stronger with each great review.

Grist Vineyard – Dry Creek Valley

High on Bradford Mountain in the northwest corner of Dry Creek Valley is a 40 acre vineyard owned by Bill Hambrecht. The red volcanic soils give the wine fantastic natural acidity. The fruit comes into the winery perfectly in balance and ready for fermentation with a minimum of intervention. It expresses its terroir with bright fruits and structure. This vineyard is the source of our Zinfandel and old-vine Syrah.

Cloud 12 Vineyard – Sonoma Coast

In 2014 we started renovating this old Syrah vineyard. Barry Lawrence, the owner has a long family history in Petaluma and was integral to the creation of the Sonoma Coast Appellation. It is the highest Syrah vineyard in Sonoma County at over 2000 feet and also has small plantings of Zinfandel and Ehrenfelser. We are looking forward to producing our first Petaluma Gap Syrah from this vineyard in 2015.

Mattei Road Vineyard – Fountaingrove District

Another high altitude zinfandel vineyard located at 1380 ft. on the Sonoma side of the Mayacamas Range near Spring Mountain in the new Fountaingrove District AVA. 2014 produced a late harvest Zinfandel with essences of chocolate and Earl Grey tea. We look forward to seeing what the dry version will be like from this rocky, organically farmed 1 acre plot.